Smoothie Time!



Made a delicious smoothie this morning. Started off with a full avocado, and about 20 spinach leaves. After that I threw in some berries, strawberries, plain yogurt, a banana, some OJ, and some V8 fruit juice. It turned out awesome, AND it didn’t taste like a nasty mixture of veggies. I highly recommend this smoothie! Now back to some p90x and trying to get back into shape.

Growing by 2 feet!

Growing by 2 feet!, originally uploaded by quasarxero.

My family is growing by 2 feet! So I snapped some photos outside, did a little retouching, and slapped on a cool phrase I found online.

I am sure I will be taking a plethora of photos to come, and have a million options for those photos. An exciting time for me and my wife.

My First Piano


So I asked my family to all pitch in and buy me a piano for my birthday. I even did all of the hard work! And of course I found a used one on Craigslist for a super low price. And although it only cost $150 bucks, this 1910 Cameron upright piano is worth a very pretty penny if restored. But I wont get ahead of myself, I think the wifey and I will be getting it tuned first and then enjoy it for the time being. Wish us luck.

Panama City Beach, Memorial Day 2011

The other weekend we decided to head down to Panama City Beach with my brother and his girlfriend. We stayed at his girlfriends family condo which was right across the street from a public beach, and it was awesome… even though the seaweed decided to annoy us the entire trip, and miraculously go away the day we had to leave. A bummer but oh well, sitting on the beach for 3 days was some good relaxation.

I decided to bring everyone down to the beach at sunset for some couples photos, and in between shots I wanted to attempt my first sunset beach shots with my new camera. They turned out pretty decent, but I ran out of light way too fast. I can’t wait to go back and try some more!

To check out a few more shots check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/dougrohde/sets/72157626790364533/

Puffy Tacos Take 2!

Puffy Tacos Take 2, originally uploaded by quasarxero.

Soooo… I decided to make Puffy Tacos again. And I don’t know why I am not making these things weekly. They are just way too damn delicious. I could easily eat them multiple times a week without getting bored of them, although the whole friend thing probably isn’t the healthiest.

If anyone ever reads this site, yet alone wants to try this out, check out my recipe blog/site at www.manvskitchen.com. Its easy to make, but takes a long time. Well worth it!

Home Made Pumpkin Pie

Home Made Pumpkin Pie

Its definitely that time of year. The days are shorter, the air is colder, and the desserts are better! That is why my wife and I decided to make our first, and quickly after second third and fourth, home made pumpkin pies. Everything is from scratch, even having to save a pumpkin from carving, and bake it instead. This tastes 100x better than any of those frozen or overly processed and preserved pies you will find at your local grocery store. I highly recommend baking this pie and bringing it to your Christmas party.

Check out my recipes on www.manvskitchen.com

Time for some Glögg!

Doug's Glögg
Doug's Glögg

Doug’s Glögg. Not only have I named this delicious, and very strong, drink after me. But I have even started making labels and handing it out around the holidays. Glögg is a heated mulled wine. It is a mixture of port wines, some Brandy, spices, and some sugar. When its a cold fall or winter night and you need something to warm you up, this drink truly delivers. I highly recommend you give it a try.

Check out my recipes on www.manvskitchen.com.

A Few Winter Shots

Husky Weather
A Boy and His Dog
Tangled Branches

I took a few test photos on the new D5000. The camera is working out great so far. Now I am just enjoying a below freezing, snowy, cold and dreary day in Georgia. And I am loving it! I wish I could have a whole season of this weather, I am one of the weird ones who enjoy the cold long winters.

My New Nikon D5000

newnikon, originally uploaded by quasarxero.

Well, first off I will apologize for the crappy photo, it was taken on my iPhone 3G and it is a piece of garbage.

Anyways, I bought this kit from www.adorama.com and so far I am loving it. I got the Nikon D5000, the 18-55mm lens, extra battery, 8gb memory card, storage bag, a usb card reader, and a sweet light scoop.

So far everything is working great, but I have a ton to explore on this camera. So many settings to tweak, so many photos to take, and so little time!